How to celebrate Halloween like Vikings

Published : 28/10/2017 15:02:04

They say Vikings are rebellious, fierce, powerful, invasive and free to do everything their heart desires!

Now we know that during Halloween people have only one day in a year to freely express their inner creature!

Inspired by rebellious Viking troopers, here is a quick last minute Halloween look idea that you can pull it off almost anytime close to Halloween and anywhere you celebrate your inner esprit. We call this costume:


This look is all about feeling adventurous, young and powerful. It ideally pulls off the look when is worn together with your partner in crime or in a group to create an even more powerful army. Read till the end, there is a SURPRISE.

Are you ready to celebrate Halloween like a Viking?

Here is step by step in how to reveal your inner powerful Viking esprit;

1. You want to go for a powerful yet simple look. Wear something solid black, preferably black on black to give you that suspicious trooper look.

Easy and very effective!


2. This step is all about your face, or shall we say your VIKING face!
Vikings are always in battle, they are always ready for an attack. They constantly invade in lands freely and get what is theirs, with blood and power!

Create a smoky black shadow around your eyes as if you just came out of a battle. It does not have to be neat; in fact the messier it looks, the more natural-looking Viking you will be.

Perhaps you just won a very brutal fight, pour few drops of false blood on your face to help people around you to comprehend the level of your power!

As for your hair, make it look greasy out of the sweat you made during your battle. Few braids should also do the job for you.


3. Your Viking Accessories - optional
This look is ought to be simple, however, if feeling ambitious, go ahead and take a stone/wooden helmet or shield or sword. These utensils will take your look to another level, especially if you are a group of Black Viking Troopers.

viking 2.jpeg

Now that you are ready, remember that the whole purpose of the “Black Viking Troopers” is to create victory and protection. As the following symbols show it.
Make it all about these messages, yet with power and rebel.

Photo: Aksel Lund Svindal

Feel free to draw the symbol you resonate with the most on your face. Tell people around you about symbol’s meaning and embrace it with pride.
Here are more symbols to help you build your favorite Viking character:

We also would like to know which of these symbols resonate with you the most, and why?
Tell us your thoughts about your inner Viking.

Here is also some behind the scene preparations. You are welcome to share :)

We would like to see your Viking recreations.

Share your recreation pictures with us by using #VikingHalloween on FaceBook/Instagram.

We will also repost our favorites on our social media pages to give a shout out to our Viking community.

We love to see your Viking Halloween story. Surely other Vikings do too!


We would like to wish you good luck on being the best Viking trooper the history has ever seen to itself.
Happy Halloween!

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