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Finding a wearable gift for your special one can be tricky, especially as a winter gift which a soft and warm winter wear is always considered thoughtful and practical.

We in Norway Shop sell thousands of knitwear in a year and we know one of the challenges for our customers is to find a correct size for someone else as a gift, picking the right size for someone else is not always easy.

Now there are three simple steps to measure yourself to make sure you pick the right size for yourself. However, we understand that this might not be an ideal solution for those surprising gifts.

Here are 5 ONE-SIZED stylish gift ideas when you do not know her or his size, enough to make even the pickiest recipient happy.

  1. Hats and Headbands

  2. Ponchos

  3. Gloves, mittens and wrist warmers

  4. Scarves and neck scarves

  5. Shawls and pocket shawls


Hats and headbands are stables to winter clothing and there is no things such “too many hats”!

Knitwear hats can always stretch to any head size, thus all the adult hats are one sized.

Headbands are also a great option to keep the forehead and ears warm without changing the hairstyle. Headbands can also be very practical for outdoor activities without sweating the head. Headbands provide the ultimate ear warmth.

KONGSVOLLEN Hat and Headband, Dale of Norway

Tips: For those allergic to wools, we recommend hats and headbands with fleece layer inside for extra softness and comfort.

Arctic Circle Hat with a fleece layer inside


Ponchos are great gifts to ladies with almost any taste. They are cozy, classic, warm and very chic. When it comes to winter or/and fall fashion accessories for women, ponchos are an excellent choice.

Rose Poncho, Dale of Norway

Here on Norway Shop, you can find plenty of 100% wool ponchos for your special one. Ponchos are one sized and the only thing you need to decide on is the color! Which you can find in many colors HERE.


Gloves comes only in two sizes, for men and for women. A pair of soft and warm gloves are such staples for winter clothing, and will be always appreciated.

Arctic Circle Gloves

Mittens are also a very practical option to keep the hands warm. Because the fingers maintain their heat better when they are in contact with each other.

For those considering fast access to their smartphones, wrist warmers or woolen fishing gloves are the way to go. Plus, wrist warmers make an excellent accessory to women's winter outfits.

            Vrikke Wrist Warmers                       Handknitted Woolen Fishing Gloves

For those allergic to wool, we suggest those with fleece layer inside.

We recommend 100% wool gloves, mittens and wrist warmers for extra warmth and comfort. Also, there are handknitted gloves for those loving handmades made with LOVE.


Scarves are always flattering and can instantly dress up any winter outfits. A long and wide scarf can even be used as a warming layer for the top. There are many ways that scarves can be used, and all you need to care for is the length of the scarf, just in case.

Vrikke Scarf

Moreover, neck scarves is an easier solution to keep the neck and face area warm without committing to style it. Neck scarves are probably the most versatile type of scarf. These are worn around the neck all year round in all types of weather. Neck warmers can be worn during outdoor activities as well. They stay stable to make sure your neck is always warm.

Vrikke Neck Scarf

These accessories are very soft and warm. However, for those aller to wools, we encourage choosing accessories with fleece layer inside to avoid any inconvenience.


Shawls can make great gifts for women. They are one sized and come in different colors to cover different tastes. Shawls can be worn in different occasions, from everyday use to wearing for parties in a chilly evening. Also, it can make a great additional layer at work or school when you feel a bit colder than people around you.

Shawls can also have pockets on each sides to give you the comfort of keeping mostly used items close to you. All the shawls on Norway Shop are made of 100% soft wool which makes it a very warm and classic addition to your outfits.

Shawl RAGNHILD with pockets Red, Vingtor

You may think it is not easy to make every recipients happy, but armed with the picks ahead, you can even surprise yourself with these easy choices you might ever make.

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