School and Work Outfit & Accessories Shopping Guide - Norwegian Edition!

Published : 2018-08-21 15:26:16

Let’s face it, all of us have ton of outfits in our wardrobe and yet stuck with this question “what to wear now?”. Dressing for school and work can be hard, it’s important to stay comfortable yet professional for work and flexible for long days of school.

For older students, the challenge becomes to be comfortable with easy transition to formal and/or elegant looks for events and meetings after school.

Here are some men and women outfit ideas for a convenient transition from casual look to a formal one without spending too much time staring at your wardrobe every morning. These ideas are inspired by Scandinavian style and would work best for cold days of autumn and winter or chilly spring days.

1. Go for neutral colors!

Neutral colors are so easy to dress up or dress down and they go with everything and every colors. This jacket is a perfect example showing how neutral colors is an assess in transforming a casual look to a formal and feminine one. Here you can see the same grey women’s jacket in these two different looks. On the left, by pairing it up with a pair of relaxed trousers and sneakers you can have the on-the-go look without sacrificing the style. On the right side, the same jacket is paired up with its color-matching skirt for a more put-together look for the meetings or interviews you do not want to miss! This jacket can also turn into an elegant look for parties after work or school. Perfect Choice for work, school and evenings out!

Women’s Jacket in the picture: Sigrid (Buy here)

2. Less is More - Minimal outfits!

Patterns can be tough to play around with, and it can be hard to find a busy patterns neat and clean. Minimal looks are sophisticated, versatile and universally-flattering. This is a clever choice for those lacking time in the mornings or do not have a hint what will come up later that day. Skip the patterns and flashy accessories, make it humble and timeless. The key is to be comfortable and look stylish at the same time. You can either open the jacket and wear it with T-shirt and jeans for a relaxed look or pair it with same color pants or skirts for a formal touch.

Minimal looks can be sometimes read flat, note these pieces are super versatile; just add your favorite accessory like a scarf or a hat, then you are guaranteed to look on point for any unforeseen occasions.

Men’s Jacket in the picture: Harald (Buy here)

Women’s Cardigans in the pictures from Left to Right:

Marit Cardigan (buy here) - Sonja Cardigan (buy here)

3. Don’t be afraid of traditional patterns - Tradition & modern infusion!

For those craving unique and different style to stand out, traditional patterns can easily turn into a casual look with few smart touches. Here you can be creative with your outfit and explore different colors and statements to spice up your look. Jean overalls, colorful bandana on head or legs, hats, eyeglasses and vintage shoes are some of the options to moderate the traditional items.

These looks are quite often comfortable, unisex and expressive. Here you can see some of the most traditional Norwegian knitwear matching perfectly with modern items; relaxing and charming!

Products from left to right: 

Garmisch women’s sweater (buy here)

Unisex Setesdal Cardigan (buy here)

Unisex original Cortina sweater (buy here)

Myking women’s sweater (buy here)

Traditional pieces can easily transit to formal looks as well. All you need to do is to select traditional items with darker shades and stick to the same color for the rest of your outfit to balance everything out. They key is to stay minimal for the rest of the outfit to blend the beautiful and symbolic traditional patterns into the rest of the look. This kind of look is genuine, smart and mature which is a brilliant choice for formal work events.

Products from left to right:

Garmisch men’s sweater (buy here)

Solfrid women’s jacket (buy here)

4. Practical accessories are your best friend - wearable and non wearable!

Practical accessories help you to finish your look and style your outfit in both casual and formal ways. They make your look soft and elegant and you can creatively play around with it to pull off various looks. These are the pieces to bring you warmth without sacrificing the style.

When you are looking for accessories, select soft and thin layers with patterns you adore or simply without any pattern. These pieces will last for many years and make the whole outfit special and unique.

If ambitious, you can pair your accessory up with other matching pieces for an instant cozy Norwegian look. Matching hats with scarves, or wrist warmers with headbands, and many more alternatives to add extra style.

Products from left to right:

Rose scarf (buy here)

Rose wrist warmer (buy here)

Rose headband (buy here)

Rose snood (buy here)

Black Rose Shawl (buy here)

Socks are another accessories which will alway come in handy no matter what! Either simple socks, or funky colorful socks can is considered as a nice accent while making it easier standing on your foot all day long! One of the most popular sock patterns in Norway is Marius Socks for adults and kids, people love them in Norway!

Adult Marius socks (buy here)

Kids Marius Socks (buy here)

Non-wearable accessories are not about your look, but about your lifestyle in school and work. These are high-quality items to make your everyday routine easier effortlessly.

If you are commuting a long way or everyday you buy coffee before hitting work or school, consider getting yourself a thermo cup! Thermo cups are easy to take away and keep the temperature of your drink for almost one day! Carry it everyday or to your next trip and save money, time in the queue, and ton of waste! Now thermo cups are a huge trend with different patterns and colors! These are easy-to-carry thermos in different sizes decorated with the most iconic Norwegian pattern, Marius.

Marius thermos and thermo cups (buy here)

On the same note, packing healthy food to work and school is a must! A lot of people do meal-preps and prefer to know what they or their kids are actually eating everyday. Again, by having a high-quality and dishwasher and microwave-friendly lunch box and wooden cutleries you got yourself a ticket to save waste, time, and money! Here is an example of a great lunch box which you can put different kinds of food and snack, organized and healthy!

Marius Lunch Box (buy here)

Last but not least, get yourself a firm and nice notebook to have your notes for many years. Things you learn or your to-do-list is better kept when you write them. If you prefer to write on physical paper, it might not be a bad idea to get a notebook with a firm cover to not worry about them getting dirty with loose papers.

Marius Notebook (Buy here)

All of these products are made and designed in Norway, hence this shopping guide is inspired by Norwegian and Scandinavian style. You can get the exact look or be inspired and recreate the same looks with the items you already have in your wardrobe.

The most important thing is to have an easy and effortless preparation routine for work and school and have fun with what you do on a daily basis.

We would like to know which of these looks you liked the most; also share with us your tips in preparing for school or work. Do you plan your outfits beforehand or you would go with the flow and wear on the go? We love to know!

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