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Here we present the special collections based on seasons, events, lifestyles, and themes which we are sure it would spark your interest.

Norway Shop selects the best Norwegian outfits for sport, weddings, work or a day in nature for those looking for an item for a specific occasion and needs more inspiration.

Throughout years, we selected the be...

Here we present the special collections based on seasons, events, lifestyles, and themes which we are sure it would spark your interest.

Norway Shop selects the best Norwegian outfits for sport, weddings, work or a day in nature for those looking for an item for a specific occasion and needs more inspiration.

Throughout years, we selected the best Norwegian colours, patterns, brands and outfits to inspire you about the functionality of Norwegian clothing and taste.

We hope you get to know our products from another perspective and fall in love with Norwegian and Scandinavian knitting as much as we are.


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  • Color Collections

    Here you can find all the available items in color like white, black, blue, and red sweaters, jackets, and accessories for all seasons and occasions.

    From white women’s cardigans for weddings to black men’s jackets for work and formal events, here you can find the best Norwegian knitwear shipped to you globally with express shipping.

    The color collections celebrates colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter for all ages and occasions; buy online the best colors of Dale of Norway, Arctic Circle, vrikke, Marius and many more.

  • Back to school and...

    Here is a stylish category perfect for everyday use at school or work. From simple and minimal jackets suitable for formal events to casual sweaters for more comfort in school, you can find the basics of your wardrobe here.

    You can buy online year-round back to school and work outfits for any weather or any occasions. This collection shows the best and most versatile wool jackets and sweaters by Dale of Norway and Arctic Circle with different colors for all ages and interests.

    You can easily dress up these wool women’s jackets and men’s sweaters for meetings and evening events or make them look casual with a pair of jeans for more active days in school or at work.

    The whole collection is made of 100% long-lasting Merino wool or Cashmere for ultimate comfort and durability, with attractive fits and practical colors such as black women’s cardigans or grey men’s sweaters to stay as an staple in your wardrobe.

  • Outdoor jackets and...

    Long lasting and technical materials combined with the most traditional patterns inspired from fishers, farmers, hunters, and horse riders, etc.

    Buy online high quality wool men’s outdoor jackets and wool women’s sweaters by Dale of Norway and Arctic Circle.

    These selection is best for hiking, hunting or to an active lifestyle, since the majority of the products are made with windbreaker and water-repellent wool. Get the dirt repellent jackets and sweaters for extra endurance and comfort.

    The most popular sweaters are Islender genser with two main colors of black and white, and the black men’s and women’s Ulv sweaters for their super versatile look for both outdoor and indoor use.

  • Cortina sweaters -...

    The famous Cortina Pattern was used for the first official 1956 Olympic sweater. Ever since, this pattern has been hugely popular inside and outside of Norway.

    All the Cortina collection is made of 100% wool, and on Norway Shop, you can buy online Cortina sweater, also known as Cortina genser, Cortina wool hats and headbands, basic men’s jumpers and Merino wool women’s jackets inspired by the classic Cortina pattern from Norway.

  • Setesdal cardigans and...

    Since 1900s the Setesdal knitting pattern has been popular in Setesdal Valley in southern Norway. Therefore these areas become well known for its unique traditional Norwegian pattern, Setesdal.

    Also known as “Lusekofta”, setesdal is the most Norwegian knitted ornament. For many generations, housewives in Norway have knitted Setesdal cardigans and sweaters with pewter buttons and clasps for their family.

    Traditionally, Setedal or LuseKofte is knitted with heavy Norwegian yarn and come in two main colors, black and white. Also, it is decorated with hand-made embroidery for more authentic look.

    Here you can buy online the black men’s sweaters or white women’s jackets from the Setesdal collection by Dale of Norway, Arctic Circle and Vrikke.

  • Olympic Passion...

    This is the official Olympic Passion collection for Norwegian Olympic team on PyeongChang, South Korea, 2018.

    Designed and produced by Dale of Norway, Olympic Passion collection shows the passion and pride for the National Norwegian ski Team perfectly. The Norwegian flag stripes on the neck, the falling snowflakes and the Norwegian cross on the Olympic Passion sweaters represents protection against evil.

    Additionally, the cross located on heart is red to symbolize Norwegian passion towards skiing and winter Olympic Games.

    Olympic Passion collection consists of wool sweaters for men and women and kids, matching adult and kid’s Olympic passion hats and headbands.

  • Women's Elegant...

    Here we introduce the elegant and light-weight collection by Dale of Norway. These feminine jackets and sweaters stays super comfortable and classic with a help of skin-soft Merino or Cashmere materials. The delicate design and details of these outfit, make them suitable for formal occasions like weddings, office, evening parties or perhaps over a date around town.

    These wool sweaters and jackets are uniquely designed with traditional patterns and formal fit for a timeless look and a year-round staple in your wardrobe.

    For those chilly evenings, feel free to add the matching accessories to put the outfit together. Versatile colors such as white sweaters, black jackets and beige cardigans are universally flattering and will surely make you stand out among crowds for many weddings and ceremonies to come.

  • Dale of Norway - New...

    Buy online the latest Dale of Norway 2018 collection from Norway Shop.

    Besides new authentic wool sweaters and jackets, Dale presented long wool skirts for women and new white women’s jacket, Solfrid, with traditional Norwegian patterns, and black Merino wool men’s sweaters, Magnus.

    Summer 2018 collection presents new wool T-shirts for men and women with bright colors of summer.

    Here you can find several 100% Merino wool knitwear from Norway with unique quality and exceptional properties.

  • Casual summer wool...

    Here we selected the best summer looks for golf, sailing, work or school, and nature walk by Dale of Norway.

    The summer collection from Dale of Norway is made of decent breathable, soft and thin Merino wool to absorb the moist from sweating and ultimately cools down the fabric which is perfect material to wear during summer.

    The most popular feminine items are the women’s merino wool tops, summer long cardigans and black merino wool sweaters.

    The casual summer collection consists of T-shirts with or without collar for different styles, soft and think cardigans for chilly evenings and thin and breathable tops for sunny days.

  • Traditional Norwegian...

    Besides the beautiful and meaningful Norwegian knitwear patterns and hand-made embroideries, most of traditional Norwegian cardigans and sweaters are decorated with pewter clasps or hooks. These clasps are often decorated with Norwegian patterns. In Norway Shop souvenir stores in Oslo, traditional knitwear with pewter clasps is among the bestsellers, thanks to their authentic, traditional and unique look.

  • New Down Jackets from...

    New Down Jackets from NorWear

  • Dale of Norway Viking...

    Dale of Norway Viking collection celebrates the meaningful and glorious Viking patterns on the most innovative and lightweight Merino wool sweaters and jackets for men and women. This collection is inspired by the Viking mythology and symbols by using premium knitting techniques. The Viking sweaters are the official Norwegian Alpine Ski team sweater, called “Attacking Vikings”! The arrow symbols on back or sleeves represent the protection and success of Vikings. This collection would make an ideal choice for those eager in channeling their inner Vikings or for those who would like to have a Viking costume during Halloween or parties with themes.

    Buy your Viking sweater or jacket online with global express delivery or from our souvenirs stores located in Oslo, Norway.

  • Outlet

    Your favorite ones just got more affordable!

    Find the best Dale of Norway outlet, as well as big sales for Norwegian wool sweaters, traditional Norwegian knitwear, winter hats and gloves, and many other Norwegian gifts.

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  • Family-Matching...

    Buy online Norwegian wool sweaters, jackets and match with your family members. Here you can find the traditional and iconic Norwegian knitting pattern on Norwegian sweaters and jackets for couples, and kids. From the traditional Norwegian sweaters for couples, the timeless St. Moritz collection from Dale of Norway, and the most nostalgic Marius family collection, you can find the best matching outfits for holidays, Christmas and family occasions. These high quality and classic pieces are made with 100% wool and Merino wool and will stay in your wardrobe for a long time! Get your family outfit with global express delivery online and from Norway Shop souvenir stores in Oslo.

  • New Dale Podium...

    As we are getting closer to Christmas Norwegians like to put on their thick wool sweaters to stay warm. Give your loved ones a gift of cosy winter warmth with these authentic Norwegian sweaters! Click here to buy our new sweaters!

    We have extended returns until the 10th of January to help you feel safe when shopping for presents.

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