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Get the best outdoor jackets for men and women from Nor Wear. The softshell and down jackets are perfect choice for everyday or hiking and skiing.

All the Nor Wear softshell and down jackets are water-repellent and windproof which make them the jacket you need for rainy and windy days.

The Nor Wear down jacket is filled with natural down and feathers mix, coming with a bag to pack the jackets into a small ball which is very useful for travelers and backpackers.

The fleece jackets would make a great soft and warm layer for chilly spring and autumn days.

Get your jackets for rainy and windy days from the Nor Wear collection. Nor Wear produces the best outdoor jackets such as softshell, down jackets and fleece jackets for their water-repellent and windproof materials.

For outer layer, softshell and down jackets are perfect choices for hiking and skiing and for a mid-layer, fleece jackets is a great option for its lightweight and soft materials.


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